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What is the Yoga Triangle and how can it benefit you?

A photo of a woman doing wide legged forward fold with Yoga Triangle blocks under her knees.
Alexis demonstrates the original pose that motivated us to make the Yoga Triangle - wide legged forward fold.

Are you ready to elevate your yoga practice to new heights? Enter the Yoga Triangle – a revolutionary innovation in yoga equipment that's taking the wellness world by storm. But what exactly is the Yoga Triangle, and how does it differ from your traditional yoga block?

What is the Yoga Triangle? Think of the Yoga Triangle as your all-in-one yoga companion. It's not just a block; it's a multifunctional tool designed to enhance comfort, support, and versatility in your yoga practice and beyond. Crafted in a unique triangle shape, our foam-based device offers a variety of features and benefits that set it apart from traditional yoga blocks.

Similarities to Traditional Blocks At first glance, the Yoga Triangle may resemble your typical yoga block. However, its innovative design and functionality take it to a whole new level. Like traditional blocks, the Yoga Triangle provides support and stability for various yoga poses, making it an essential prop for practitioners of all levels.

An Innovative Improvement What truly sets the Yoga Triangle apart is its versatility and adaptability. Unlike traditional blocks, which are often limited in their use, the Yoga Triangle offers multiple modalities for practice. From Yin Yoga to Vinyasa Yoga, myofascial release, and more, the possibilities are endless with the Yoga Triangle.

There are lots of ways to use the Yoga Triangles. They create support, stability and comfort in many traditional poses as well as other movement modalities. Take supported cobra pose for example. This backbend can be very compressive. With the addition of Yoga Triangles, it becomes more accessible and comfortable, in addition to adding another unique way to experience the pose.

Features and Benefits Let's dive into the features of the Yoga Triangle:

  • Triangle Shape: Provides stability and support in a variety of poses, including backbends, inversions, and forward folds.

  • Soft Foam Material: Offers comfort and cushioning for sensitive areas, such as the spine and knees.

  • Beveled Edges: Facilitate ease of use and alignment in poses, ensuring proper form and posture.

  • Landmark Design: Provides visual cues for positioning and alignment, helping you find your optimal stance in each pose. Use the "Balance" landmark to assist in cuing and placement.

  • The "Peak": The "Peak" point is another useful landmark to assist in cuing and placement. In addition, it is a valuable tool for fascial release and support.

  • The "Diamond" shape: Yoga Triangle "Diamond" shape mimics the structure of some unique clusters of bones in the human body. It provides more support and fits better for low back positions.

Multiple Use Modalities The Yoga Triangle isn't just limited to yoga – it's a versatile tool that can enhance various wellness practices. Whether you're seeking deep relaxation in Yin Yoga, dynamic movement in Vinyasa Yoga, or targeted muscle release in myofascial release techniques, the Yoga Triangle has you covered.

Foam Roller Device But wait, there's more! In addition to its yoga applications, the Yoga Triangle doubles as a foam roller device for self-myofascial release. Simply roll your tight or sore muscles to release tension, improve flexibility and enhance recovery.

With its innovative design, versatile functionality, and myriad benefits, the Yoga Triangle is truly a game-changer in the world of wellness. Whether you're a seasoned yogi or just beginning your journey, incorporating the Yoga Triangle into your practice can elevate your experience and unlock new possibilities on and off the mat. If you like exploring props or creative solutions with tools in your movement practice then you will love the Yoga Triangle. Ready to experience the power of the Yoga Triangle for yourself? Explore our selection, check out our tutorials or join us live on YouTube and discover the endless possibilities for enhancing your practice and well-being.

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