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  • Inquiries about affiliates
    Please fill out this form
  • Inquiries about Yoga Triangle Training
    Email subject Training
  • Inquiries about wholesale
    Email subject wholesale
  • Inquiries about collaborations
    Email subject collaboration
  • How do I wash The Yoga Triangle?
    Hand wash with soap and air dry.
  • How do I use the Yoga Triangle?
    There are many ways to use the Yoga Triangle. Explore our online resources for more ideas.
  • Do you offer free classes?
    We offer free classes online regularly. Saturdays from 9 - 10 am CST we host a live stream class. The classes feature content specific to our training materials. Classes cover how to use yoga triangle yoga props for: - yin yoga - vinyasa yoga - myofascial release - foam rolling and more. Our community of experts and students have all contributed to this volume of shared knowledge. We hope you feel welcomed to join. To RSVP please fill out this form for a link to our live stream.
  • Do you offer private lessons?
    We are happy to offer private instruction to those who prefer a one on one experience. People who benefit from one on one instruction are people who do not fit in a general population guideline or those who are seeking a one on one experience. One on one instruction is beneficial for many reasons. Individuals have more time to relax as they learn. They also are encouraged to ask questions and take time in their experience without the concern of a group setting. For those who have unique needs that require additional support this is the ideal setting for learning and experiencing the practice. For more information about private lessons, please fill out this form and we will be in touch.
  • Returns & Refunds
    We don't accept returns or refunds, unless the product was damaged in shipping. Our products are insured for shipping.
  • Shipping Info
    We ship our products Mon Wed Fri Sat and are closed on Sun. Please all up to 7 business days from date of order for shipping. We do not ship internationally.
  • Review us
    We appreciate your feedback. Leave us a review here.
  • How do I install or mount my aerial yoga hammock?
    Contracting a professional rigger or licensed contractor for installation is strongly recommended. Not all beams or studs are safe for the added weight and force of aerial. Therefore hammock and hardware installation should be done by a professional. Improper installation can result in Injury or death. Our mounting hardware is NOT intended to be used with an aerial silk, drops, any other circus arts, or other equipment.
  • How do I care for my aerial hammock?
    Handwash and hang dry your aerial hammock and it will last a very long time.
  • What is the Affiliate Program?
    The affiliate program is a program where content creators get free product in exchange for content, feedback, and promotion of their experience.
  • How does the affiliate program work?
    You fill out our affiliate link and we will be in touch.
  • What are the benefits of the affiliate program?
    Selected affiliates get free product, paid promotion, featured marketing content for their channels, opportunities for training and brand collaborations, plus access to our network of professionals in our Slack Channel.
  • Who should apply for the affiliate program?
    Anyone can apply. Some of our affiliates are yoga teachers, yoga enthusiasts, massage therapists, stretch therapists, fitness trainers, chiropractors, roll method facilitators, myofascial release facilitators, wellness coaches, yoga studio owners, and spa/fitness studio owners.
  • What resources do affiliates get access to?
    Our affiliates get to be featured on our Instagram, YouTube, and website. Affiliates are also bloggers and models for our brand. The more engaged our affiliates are in our community, the more opportunities are presented. We have brand partnerships and more opportunities that come up frequently.
  • What are giveaways & how do I participate?
    We host 6 annual marketing events on our channels. During these events we give away product to our followers and fans. To participate be sure you are following our Instagram and YouTube and read the rules on our posts. All Giveaway winners will be asked to opt-in to our emails and subscribe to our YouTube where long form educational how-to guides are shared with our community.
  • I won a giveaway. How do I receive my prize?
    Winners must complete and fill out this form to receive their prize. All Giveaway winners will be asked to opt-in to our emails and subscribe to our YouTube where long form educational how-to guides are shared with our community. Please follow our rules.
  • Do you offer wholesale?
    We do. Please email with wholesale in the subject line.
  • Yoga Triangle Training for businesses
    We offer training on Yoga Triangles. Our training includes 2 hours of CEC with a training manual and can be done virtually or in person. For info email
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