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RSVP Here for Our Saturday Livestream

We know that you want to learn more about how the Yoga Triangle yoga props can work for your yoga and movement practice. So we have added a weekly free class offering. Saturdays from 9 - 10 am CST we host a livestream class in a private channel for those who want to attend and learn more about how to use Yoga Triangles. The room is open to anyone who wants to join. Our team mates from our affiliate channels also participate, giving our entire community the opportunity to share their knowledge and ask questions about the Yoga Triangle for specific use cases.

We typically go over 9 - 12 poses for a specific movement practice which takes about 30 minutes. The initial first 10 - 15 minutes of the meeting we do a check in to give people time to arrive and prepare for the experience.

Classes cover diverse and specific content with use cases for specific styles of yoga. For those individuals who love vinyasa yoga, we cover how to sequence useful prop integration into flows. We also discuss specific verbal cuing, as well as safe movement alternatives and options for an inclusive and accessible practice. The class is taught for you to practice as you learn, being fully immersive and accessible. You can participate without Yoga Triangles - any props or no props works!

We also cover use cases for Yin yoga sequencing, specifically adding the props for the various poses as taught for Yin classes, but with room for exploration and new ways of usage. The Yoga Triangle is a new yoga prop to the market, so new ways of use are possible for all movement modalities.

We could not forget our Restorative yoga folks too. Yoga Triangle yoga props are excellent for filling in gaps under bolsters, behind blankets and many other ways. We invite you to join us to share and learn more from our talented team. We have published authors and educators who have studied with such talented teachers as Judith Hanson Lasater and Robert Boustany.

Our hope for you is that you feel curious, welcome and interested in learning more about how to participate. If this speaks to you, please fill out this form to request access to our livestream. Or you can subscribe to our YouTube and catch the recap after class.

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