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Testimonials & Reviews Form

Updated: Mar 15

The Yoga Triangle was designed for yoga. It's a prop that fits into lots of angle shaped spaces. We noticed a need for a better prop, so we made one.

Here are some testimonials that we've collected over the years since we first manufactured The Yoga Triangle.

We humbly request our affiliates fill out this form for us to we can continue to collect market research to improve upon our products. Over a decade we have been able to iterate and design upgrades into our brand and we could not do it without your valuable feedback. Thank you!

It is important to us that we share the ways our community has utilized and shared feedback with us. Our product has been iterated on and we take your feedback to heart as we continue to grow our brand. If you would like to share your feedback with us you can here.

This space will be updated with more photos, videos, and testimonials about our Unique product. We hope you check back regularly, and invite you to leave a review or tag us in a photo using #TheYogisTriangle #TheYogaTriangle or #UpgradeYourBlocks

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