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How to use Yoga Triangle Yoga Props: Restorative Yoga Sequence

Saturday mornings at 9am CST we go live on a private channel for our affiliates with a pose breakdown of how to use Yoga Triangles. We wish to share opportunities with our community on ways to incorporate Yoga Triangles into use, from yoga to foam rolling, the Yoga Triangle is the latest innovative yoga prop available. Designed by a yoga teacher who got tired by the limitations of traditional yoga blocks, the Yoga Triangle is a useful yoga prop for beginners to experienced students of yoga. If you would like to join the Saturday sessions fill out this form.

The restorative sequence here is short form with shorter length holds in poses for ease of demonstration. This sequence includes 3 new pose variations. We have created a new prop shape called "diamond". The Yoga Triangles are placed with the "balance" landmark touching to make a diamond shape.

Use this sequence to explore the new corpse pose variations and try "diamond" shape.

This video is approximately 29 minutes long showing to use Yoga Triangles for restorative yoga sequencing; hip openers, hamstring stretch, knee support and psoas release. Additionally we have included 3 new pose variations* Poses are listed in sequence below.

Supported corpse pose version 1

Supported corpse pose version 2

Side lying should support

Supported spinal twist

Supported reclining butterfly

Supported spinal twist

Supported forward fold

Supported wide leg forward fold

Supported heart bench

Supported extended leg psoas release

Supported corpse pose version 3

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