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Celebrating International Women's Day

Updated: Mar 13

We wanted to take a moment to celebrate International Women's Day with you and share more about our brand. As a female founded for profit business, we strive to support and promote women. Join in our celebration of women this month and be entered to win our Giveaway - see Instagram for details!


In 2015 our founder had an idea to make a better yoga block. The Yoga Triangle was visualized and she started production. Along the way, as she's scaled her brand, she ran Republic Aerial Yoga in Houston, Texas where she practiced, trained, and taught with numerous talented individuals. She comes from an entrepreneur family full of inventors, engineers, and teachers. Her mother took her to her first yoga class at age 9 and has been her rock and inspiration throughout her career. She took her first teacher training when she was in her 20s. In 2021 she closed her studio and fully transitioned into a career in AI.


As we have scaled our brand, our focus is on UGC promotions, working with individuals who are passionate about wellness, innovation, and empowerment. UGC works for us because it encourages:

  • genuine and authentic content

  • real users who are unpaid, but receive free product in exchange for their feedback and content

  • diversity in perspective and voice showing inclusive and accessible content

  • a feedback channel and network of talented individuals who share their voice and talent

A good fit is important to us; to be considered please fill out our affiliate form. Our affiliates are engaged, active in a community, and want to collaborate with our team. We offer free training, a network of professionals (authors, educators, teachers with experience in yin, restorative, prenatal, workshops, event planning, studio management, private lessons, business planning, artificial intelligence and more).


We are launching our second marketing campaign of 2024 promoting and raising awareness around our 2024 First Cohort Affiliates. This is a team of talented individuals who have committed to sharing their passion and love with you, dear reader. We hope you greatly enjoy learning about our commitment to our community and vision. We are glad you are here!

Meet our Affiliates

Thank you for taking a moment to help us support our incredible affiliates. Learn more about our team, their unique skills, their passions and where they are active in communities. Explore their services and brand offerings below.

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