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Check out our Latest YouTube: How to use Yoga Triangles: 9 poses plus Inversions

Updated: Mar 8

Saturday mornings at 9am CST we go live on a private channel for our affiliates with a pose breakdown of how to use Yoga Triangles. We wish to share opportunities with our community on ways to incorporate Yoga Triangles into use, from yoga to foam rolling, the Yoga Triangle is the latest innovative yoga prop available. Designed by a yoga teacher who got tired by the limitations of traditional yoga blocks, the Yoga Triangle is a useful yoga prop for beginners to experienced students of yoga. If you would like to join the Saturday sessions email

It is also not limited in its use. It functions as a myofascial release tool as well as a foam roller. The unique bevel design provides comfort, while offering a dense yet comfortable point for accessing trigger points, creating ramps and shelves for various angles of the human body, and makes movement practices more accessible and inclusive. The best part is that the Yoga Triangle has so many uses. The design is simple and light weight. Its angles make it easy to grab and grip.

This video is approximately 23 minutes long. These are the poses in order of exploration. Enjoy.

• supported reclining butterfly pose

• supported shoulder pose in child’s pose

• round shoulder fix myofascial release

• upper back fix myofascial release

• supported neck ramp myofascial release & foam roller

• supported easy legs up the wall pose

• supported, happy baby pose

• supported corpse pose

• sported triangle using Yoga Triangle pose

• supported low lunge

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