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A Personal Odyssey and a Salute to Women on International Women's Day

Updated: Mar 8

My name is Osvaldo and I am a yoga instructor, entrepreneur, hiker, nature lover, singer and songwriter and transformation enthusiast. I was born and raised in Houston, TX and I have been teaching group yoga classes and 1 on 1 private clients for almost 7 years.


I started practicing yoga when I was 19 years old seeking a spiritual connection, mind, body and soul awareness, and for its overall benefits to physical wellbeing. In 2016, I enrolled into the Pralaya Yoga Teacher Training under Robert Boustany to deepen my understanding of the practice and my body. I graduated at the end of March 2017 and was teaching by June at Republic Yoga. Since then I've taught at several yoga studios and gyms throughout the city. I'm currently undergoing the Yoga Better Teacher Training with Andrew Dugas, and I anticipate graduating in June 2024.


Outside of my practice I like to write music, read, attend personal development trainings and play with my potbelly pig Spoink. I'm currently on a mission to visit all 63 National Parks in the United States. So far my partner and I have visited 12 National Parks and have 7 scheduled to visit in 2024.


In light of International Women's day I'd like to highlight a woman that inspires me, my dear friend Jeanmarie. I met Jeanmarie in November of 2022 at a leadership training in Austin. What I remember about meeting Jeanmarie is that we were both like two puppies wagging our tails and ready to play! Jeanmarie is such a light. What drew me to Jeanmarie was her girlish charm, her unapologetic self-expression, and playfulness. What I love the most about Jeanmarie is that she is incredibly generous with her heart, vulnerability, and passion. She just loves people and is a catalyst for transformation. The way she stands for people and their growth is incredible to experience. She inspires me every single day.


It feels impossible to imagine what my life would be like today should I have not been surrounded by powerful, loving, and giving women. Today I celebrate every single woman on this planet. It is through your love, empathy and compassion that I get to step into the version of myself that can see that everything is possible 100% of the time and I am incredibly grateful for the abundance of gifts women share with me and the world.


To close, I'd like to acknowledge Amanda Field for her rigor and commitment to everything she creates, including The Yoga Triangle, while building community and sharing her platform for other instructors and movement enthusiasts to shine and share their gifts with the world. Amanda, you are incredible! You are a committed, powerful and influential woman. I am so blessed to work shoulder-to-shoulder with you and I'm blessed to call you my friend. I love you!


Osvaldo Hernandez

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