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Meet Sonia Azad - 2x Emmy Award Winner, Wellness & Yoga Expert

Sonia is a two-time Emmy award-winning journalist whose passion is to inspire others to live and embody a healthier lifestyle.

Years of working in media while practicing and teaching yoga led her to share her of wellness into her brand. She is a dynamic individual, passionate about helping others and we are excited to partner with her.

When she's not teaching or working on XXX (can we share your new job info here?) you can find her outdoors, teaching yoga and meditation in studios or online or leading groups on International yoga retreats.

Sonia's Inner Circle

Sonia share's her podcast, travel, health and wellness stories at Sonia's Inner Circle. Learn how she maintains her own wellness journey along the way as she connects with people from all walks of life. You can also join her in online classes with her on-demand offerings. Members get 30 minutes of daily mindfulness videos delivered daily to their inbox. If that's not your cup of tea, you can opt in to explore the entire video library.

Sonia has worked with such impactful organizations like:

  • American Heart Association

  • Central Market

  • Gardenuity

  • Kroger

  • LifetimeFitness

  • BellaBars

  • CryoOne

  • Snap Kitchen

  • Stretch Lab

  • Orange Theory Fitness

Sonia offers ongoing international retreats. We highly recommend giving her website a look and connecting with her. We are so excited that she's joined the Yoga Triangle Team.

Here's what Sonia said about the Yoga Triangle:

"This tool makes a lot of shapes accessible to my client population, empowering them to engage and discover their bodies in new and exciting ways."

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