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Auraura House X WellnessforHou @ Raava Retreat & Gallery

Updated: Apr 15

Our special collaboration with Auraura House and Wellnessforhou features Raava Women's Retreat on site at

Sanctuary 6 7506 N. Main Street, Houston TX 77022 April 6th 2024.

Experience an exclusive wellness journey planned for deep relaxation and restoration with a Soundbath, Breathwork, Yoga, Acupuncture and a Kintsugi Meditation. Enjoy healthy food and be in community; indulge, unwind and connect.

A VinYin class led by Alexis and Whit, featuring this sequencing for you to explore can be found here.

To learn more ways to incorporate Yoga Triangles into your Vinyasa or Yin practice click the links and watch our YouTube for specific breakdowns, free classes and more. Love them?! Become an affiliate!

Thanks to all who came please feel free to peruse the gallery here:


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