Back in Stock - June 2022

The Yoga Triangle was designed with yogis in mind.


The Triangle's patented gradient allows for it's users to deepen their stretches and create more inclusive and supported poses. Our blocks are different because they give many more options and uses than a conventional yoga block. The Yoga Triangle has hundreds of heights and angles (depending where you hold the block). The closer to the ground you hold the block, the deeper the stretch. Conventional yoga blocks only have three heights (high, medium, and low) and one angle (90 degrees), which is not very inclusive or practical for many bodies. The Yoga Triangles fit right where you need them to help you ease into difficult poses while increasing balance and flexibility.


Yoga Triangles are made of high-density comfort-foam, which is durable, grippy, and lightweight. Finally a yoga block that makes yoga sense! 

Yoga Triangle 
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