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Daisy Chain Set

Nylon straps are used to ajust the height of your aerial hammock or for setting up your hammock with no drilling. 


Wrap these straps around exposed beams to hang your hammock. 


  • 2 nylon straps (aka daisy chains) 
  • Each strap measures 4 feet long
  • Each strap has 6 smaller loops, 1 large loop
  • Sturdy - weight limit of well over 300 pounds


* Not all beams are made to hold the weight of a person or force of a hammock being used to any capacity. Check with a professional to ensure safety.



Additional applications for the hammock strap:

  • climbing
  • pilates
  • stretching
  • hanging chairs
  • other rigging solutions.



Daisy Chain Set

$17.00 Regular Price
$13.60Sale Price
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