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Aerial Hammock

Strong and supportive aerial yoga hammock made of lightweight nylon. Fast drying, stain resistant, reinforced weave can hold well over 400 pounds/180kg.


Aerial Yoga Hammock Includes

  • Solo hammock - 1 continuous piece of fabric
  • 2 sets of non-slip foot stirrups/handles can double for TRX
  • 4 caribeners (2 on hammock, 1 on each set of handles)


Yoga Hammock Fabric Features

  • Light weight nylon
  • Fast drying
  • Water resistant
  • Resistant to tares and stains
  • Adjustable height based on rigging equipment
  • Weight - can hold well over 400 pounds/180kg


Studio Quality Products

Our aerial hammocks studio quality and studio tested.

Used in multiple yoga studios across the US.


Email us with questions or concerns, we've got over 15 years of experience.


Does not include daisy chains.


Washing & Care

  • Recommended: hand wash and hang dry
  • Machine washable (delicate cycle) in cold water, tumble dry on low

Best to use a mesh bag for machine washing.

Aerial Hammock

$98.00 Regular Price
$68.60Sale Price
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