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Reshaping the Yoga Block

The Yoga Triangle was born out of one yogi’s experience and need for adaptation. Our founder, Houston yoga instructor Amanda Field, grew frustrated with the harsh right angles of traditional yoga blocks. She discovered that cutting a traditional yoga block into a triangle shape provided the support and Myofascial Release she had been missing.  Amanda soon discovered that the triangle provided extra support for a multitude of yoga poses.  Having trouble with a particular pose? Yoga Triangle allows the yogi to determine how much support they need

The Yoga Triangle is ideal for people who want a gradual, deeper stretch.  It helps alleviate achy joints and alignment issues. Most yogis enjoy getting creative with the Yoga Triangle, but we also offer training and support for beginners. We designed this product with Yin and Restorative yoga in mind, but the yoga triangle can be used in dance, crossfit, martial arts, etc.

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Sturdy yet soft support and deeper stretches!


Reshaping the Yoga Block

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